Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fine Art Photo as an Element of Interior Decoration

Fine art photography can give a contemporary touch as an interior decoration element and can be framed choosing from a wide selection of matting and framing solutions to suit the interior decoration of the living space or office.
If you feel that your living space needs a change of mood, adorning the walls with fine art photography may be the right solution that could give the necessary impact to bring about such a change. Black and white photography in particular, has been regarded as an interior design element for many decades and has been used to give a classy modern touch to any interior living space.
Using the latest printing technology, fine art photography can be reproduced on canvass, stretched and hang directly on the wall to give a cool modern look to your interior decoration. Fine art photography is also regarded as a valuable investment by art collectors, especially when the piece is signed by the artist.

As an element of interior decoration, various subjects of fine art photography could suit different living spaces. A living room could be adorned with a variety of subjects according to the feeling the dwellers want to impart to it. Evocative black and white photographs of a city such as Paris, Venice or Rome for example, may give a romantic feel to the living space. Flowers may also impart a similar feel and basically any subject portrayed in a way that evokes romance, in any of the endless forms the theme can take.
It is said that photographs of natural landscapes have a soothing effect on the interior space where they are placed, which could affect in a positive way the mood of its dwellers. Color landscapes of sunsets or sunrises for instance, could bring a relaxing and inspiring mood in the living spaces and are particularly suited for bedrooms living rooms and halls.
Seascapes, pictures of beaches, lakes and basically any photograph with the theme of water, can be a good choice for the bathroom, where they may resonate with other decoration items and accessories having a similar theme or color.
Imaginative photographs of food, still lives with vegetables, fruits or photographs with a Mediterranean feel are often chosen for adorning the kitchen walls.
The choice of color or black and white photographs, is normally made according to the style of the interior, the furniture and the other decorative elements. Sometimes a colorful framing is used with black and white photographs and often this contrasty combination works well making the black and white image stand out. The color of the framing is normally chosen according to the color scheme of other decoration elements, furniture, accessories, etc.
Fine art photography, as compared to other forms of fine art, has the added element of being realistic. This intrinsic element of the medium, has the power of strongly engaging with the viewer. In fact, the subject of a photograph is always real, even when it is portrayed in a surrealistic manner. Reality, as pre-visualized by the eye of the artist photographer, is converted into a two-dimensional art form. A good fine art photography image embodies in itself the real world, or an interpretation of it, and the unfathomable world, to which aesthetics, creativity and inspiration belong to.


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